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Welcome to Massive CVs - The UK's Leading CV Writing, Career Management and Redundancy Outplacement Consultancy


Established in 2008, Massive CVs has fast become a leading provider of high-quality CV & Resume Writing, LinkedIn, Career Management and Redundancy Outplacement Services for both individual and corporate clients across the UK, Europe, US and Rest of the World.  Our services include Professional CV & Resume Writing, Career & Interview Coaching, LinkedIn Profiling & Networking, Executive Support and Redundancy Outplacement, and we successfully provide tailored expertise to a wide range of clients, from School-leavers and Graduates through to Senior & Executive Management professionals.  We also offer personal "one-to-one" Career Consultancy Services to help you plan, identify and secure your next appointment, and we work with all of our clients until they find a new position to support them effectively with every part of their job search.


Our clients come from a various range of industry sectors and backgrounds, and essentially look to invest in and utilise our services if they are:


  • Made redundant and seeking personal Career Support for a quick return to suitable employment
  • Looking to secure a new position following the completion of a permanent or interim job
  • Seeking a promotion or further Personal Career Development
  • Frustrated and disappointed with the lack of progress from recruitment agencies, job sites and other job advertisement applications
  • Looking to network directly with new professionals due to a lack of relevant or up-to-date contacts

At Massive CVs, our staff have the experience and expertise in providing the highest levels of Career Support and Customer Services that you require in order for our clients to be successful in their personal job search.  We also provide dedicated assistance to companies and organisations affected by redundancy, so if you or your colleagues have the opportunity to utilise an Outplacement company to support you through your redundancy process, Massive CVs has the experience and expertise to successfully help you with every aspect of your Career Transition.


Massive CVs allow our clients to become focussed on their new careers by proactively and successfully approaching all routes to thier targeted job markets, and through our established Career Support mechanisms, gain the confidence and expertise to find their next position.  Therefore, if you are at a crossroads in your career and need positive Career Support, Advice and Focus to successfully implement and complete a Personal Career Plan to secure a new job, Massive CVs has access to the networks, contacts and expertise to successfully unlock your potential without the frustrations of a standard job search with recruitment agencies, headhunters, job sites, advertisements and applications.

As a company, Massive CVs has gained a deserved reputation as an established name within the UK & Global Career Management and Redundancy Outplacement sectors, largely through our ability to help job seekers at all levels from in a professional, proactive and successful manner.  Our experienced and talented Career Consultants also are trained to provide you with exceptionally high levels of Career Support and Customer Service, which comes at a time where UK & Global jobseekers are experiencing extreme difficulties in securing employment across a wide range of industries and sectors.  These factors include:


  • Over 2.6 million people are currently unemployed across the UK as of December 2011
  • Over 0.5 million redundancies were made in 2011
  • Up to 80-85% of jobs in some markets are "hidden" and not advertised, and therefore not available to apply through recruitment agencies, job advertisement and job sites
  • Many candidate CVs are of poor quality and unsuitable for many vacant positions
  • Competition for jobs is extremely fierce, with many vacant positions attracting over 250 applicants in most instances


To find out how Massive CVs can help you create, implement and complete an effective personal job search through our Professional CV Writing and Career Management Services, contact us now to arrange no-obligation Career Consultation with one of our Career Consultants on either +44 (0)20 8133 1656 or, and we will be happy to discuss your personal circumstances to help you get your career "back-on-track".  Also, visit our "Contact Us" page to join us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in order to view further information on how we work and help our clients to get back in to employment quickly.

Need a professional and honest opinion on your CV?  Simple.  Take advantage of our Free CV Review service by sending your CV to



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